The January 2020 CGC Sale!

Welcome to the January 2020 CGC Sale! 

The CGC Rock Poster Revolution is launching out of the starting gate in 2020 with another incredible selection of historic 1960's concert posters!

You Can Bid With Confidence - All 175 Lots are Independently Authenticated and Graded by CGC!

All lots are being sold UNRESERVED.

All Lots have a Starting Bid of just $1.00. That’s right, ONE DOLLAR!

All lots are available for inspection at our Gallery in Baltimore, Md.

A pinhole free, Original First Printing of the legendary Jimi Hendrix BG-105 Flying Eyeball poster!

An extensive offering of highly sought after and hard to find Vulcan Gas material!

All lots are guaranteed in writing with the strongest guarantee available anywhere.

Small differences in quality represent huge differences in price, so it makes sense to get an UNBIASED third party opinion about what you are buying. And when the time comes to sell, you'll enjoy a massive increase in liquidity since CGC is recognized as a world leader in the third party authentication and grading of literally billions of dollars of collectibles!

To learn more about CGC, see our recent blogs You'll get a behind the scenes look that shows why the demand for CGC graded vintage concert posters is EXPLODING and record breaking prices are occurring DAILY.

*A 20% Buyers Premium + postage & insurance will be added to winning bids*

Highlights in this auction include:

The Finest Quality *PINK* FD-2 Handbill to EVER appear at public auction - CGC graded 9.6!!!

A fabulous specimen of the ULTRA RARE BG-74 Handbill - CGC graded 9.4!

A fabulous Grateful Dead Skeleton and Roses Handbill - CGC graded 9.2!

Many Museum Quality Specimens with the highest CGC grades EVER AUCTIONED!

Dozens of other CGC graded posters and handbills being offered at public auction for the FIRST TIME ever!

Many affordable Museum Quality Original First Printings and Reprints that will sell for $100-$500. These 50+ year old pieces of history represent an extraordinary value compared to other collectibles.

Remember all lots are UNRESERVED with starting bids of just $1.00!

Be sure to closely examine the high res image of each lot. This can be found by clicking on the thumbnail of each lot, and then clicking a second time on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of each photo.

We invite you to inspect all lots in person at our Gallery, in Baltimore, MD.

Live lot viewing allows you the opportunity to see how incredibly strict CGC grading standards are. You’ll also immediately understand that the CGC holder is the ultimate way to safely and securely protect your posters for the long term. If you can’t make it to our Gallery, contact us with any questions you may have.

This auction offers many opportunities that have never been seen before and may not be seen again for a very long time... if ever!

Good Luck in the Auction!

In an effort to best educate the collecting public, we invest a tremendous amount of time and energy to provide extensive research on previous auction appearances and prices realized. We make every effort to be accurate but cannot guarantee the completeness and accuracy of the information provided.

For questions, contact Glen at 410-464-6180 or email Glen. You may browse lots without registering. To register to bid Click Here.

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  • Important Dates

  • Lot Viewing Begins: 1-21-20
  • Bidding Begins: 1-21-20
  • Bidding Ends: 1-30-20 9:00PM ET
  • Deadline for consignments in next sale: 2-6-20

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