PAE October Mega Sale

Featuring the Finest known Hell’s Angel/ Grateful Dead Chocolate George Wake announcement!

This month we are pleased to present another superb selection of posters that are absolutely fresh to market and represent a real break from the usual recycled “stuff” that is frequently seen in the marketplace.

Without question, the lead item is the finest known Hell’s Angel/ Grateful Dead Chocolate George Wake Announcement! Recently discovered in California, this spectacular, highly coveted museum piece is the finest we have ever seen, handled or heard about. It is 20 times nicer than the example featured in the Art of Rock and the super thin paper has survived 49 years in immaculate condition! Clearly, there will be many advanced collectors that will recognize and take advantage of this unique opportunity.

In addition, we have a handful of other wonderful Grateful dead items that include a Mint “Closing of Winterland Signed by both Mouse and Kelley! There are also several nice Hendrix pieces and a wide selection of Fillmore and Family Dog posters in pristine, un-improvable condition. Whatever your budget, you are sure to find something unique and FRESH, the type of material that will always be highly sought after and in top demand.

As always, all of these lots are at our Gallery in Baltimore, Maryland and are available for your in person inspection. A growing number of collectors have begun to take advantage of this opportunity to view the lots personally and tell us that this adds a whole other level of interest and fun to participating our auctions. If you are anywhere in the mid-Atlantic, take time to schedule a visit- you won’t be sorry!

Of course, for the rest of our clientele around the word, we’re here to be “your eyes and ears.” Don’t hesitate to contact us for more detailed information or condition reports on anything of interest.

As detailed weekly in our blog, interest in Vintage 1960’s Concert Posters is really gathering steam. We’re seeing a lot of new faces entering the marketplace including many seasoned veteran collectors from other collectibles areas that find these posters to irresistible to pass up, given current availability an price levels. The bottom line is this, whether buying or selling, there has never been a better time to be active participant in this exciting market!

If you have any questions, please contact Glen Trosch at 410-464-6180 or email Glen here. You may browse the lots without registering, but you must register to bid. To register, Click Here.

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  • Important Dates

  • Lot Viewing Begins: 10-3-16
  • Bidding Begins: 10-4-16
  • Bidding Ends: 10-13-16, 9:00PM EDT
  • Deadline for consignments in next sale: 10-20-16

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